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WELCOME Marines,
of the USMC  "HAWK"  Light Anti-Aircraft Missile (LAAM)  Battalions.     

Since 10 November 1775, all Marines have been basic riflemen and served the Corps where needed,
from cook to computer operator. For a brief period in the Marine Corps time-line 1960 to 1997, just
37 years of over a 238+ year history, tens of thousands of Marines served and a few died, in the
 "HAWK"   Light  Anti - Aircraft  Missile  Bns.
Their unit histories may not include names like Tarawa, Iwo Jima or Inchon but the lineage of these
Cold War Marine units and the Marines, who answered the call to duty and deployed during the
Cuban Missile Crisis, to Da Nang and Chu Lai, in Vietnam and around the Persian Gulf, in Operations
Desert Shield/Desert Storm, placed these men and women in harm's way and forever bonded their
Warrior Spirit to those Marines who have come before and after.
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NEW Command Chronologies added to those already available
for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th LAAM Bns.

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Last Update 2-23-2017

Belford, Ralph              
Belford, Guest                                               
Boardman, Bob Maj MOS 7204, 7210, 5910, 3rd LAAM Bn 1967-68, 74, 77-78, 1st LAAM Bn RVN 68-69, 29 Palms 69-70.           
Buliszyn, Stan Sgt B Btry 2nd LAAM Bn MOS 5923 Missile/Launcher Tech Yuma 1971-74              
Buliszyn, Judy                                               
Cassel, Rick Sgt MOS 2841 Ground Radio Repairer 2nd LAAM Bn 1974-78               
Clark, Bruce Cpl MOS 2532 Radio Relay Comm Section 1st LAAM Bn A, C, H&S Btrys 2/68-3/69 RVN               
Gentile, Caren                
Drag, Theresa Maj MOS 7204 Surface-To-Air Weapons Officer 1st LAAM Bn Yuma 1997            
Ehrat, John Sgt MOS 5921, 5911 IHAWK Fire Control Tech, Micro Circuit Repair Specialist "B" Btry 2nd LAAM Bn 1972-76
Ehrat, Debbie
Foley, Michael Col MOS 7202, 7204 2nd LAAM Bn 1984-86, 1st LAAM Bn 1988-89              
Foster, Charles Sgt MOS 5912 CW Radar Repairman D Btry 3rd LAAM Bn 1966-67, B Btry 1st LAAM Bn RVN 1967-69           
Foster, Spouse                                                       
Gross, Charles SSgt HAWK Batteryman MOS 6742 3rd LAAM Bn Cherry Point 1965-67, 2nd LAAM Bn RVN 1967-68             
Gross, Guest                                                           
Hicks, Don LCpl MOS 6741 Aviation Electronics Operator A Btry 2nd LAAM Bn RVN 1968                 
Hicks, Janice                                                            
Hicks, Guest                                                           
Hoppmeyer, Herb LtCol MOSs 7204, 7210, 0240 1st MAAM & 3rd LAAM Bn 1960, 1972-74, 1st LAAM Bn 1962-63        
Joy, Jim  MOS 2531 Radio Operator 2nd & 1st LAAM Bns 1965 RVN                       
Kiah, Bob LtCol MOS 7204 Surface-To-Air Weapons Officer 3rd LAAM Bn 1966, 2nd LAAM Bn RVN 1966-67                    
Kiah, Guest                                                           
Kness, John Capt 2nd LAAM Bn MOS 6704 Anti-Air Warfare Officer 1965-67
Kvam, Robert Cpl MOS 3051 General Warehouseman 2nd LAAM Bn 1964-66 RVN              
Kvam, Guest                   
Lancaster, Alex Col MOS 7202/7204 1st LAAM Bn 1967-68, 2nd LAAM Bn 1983-85, 3rd LAAM Bn 1966-67               
List, John MSgt 2nd LAAM Bn 29 Palms 1961-64 4th LAAM Bn, 65-66 2nd LAAM Bn RVN                     
List, Guest                                                              
Lustgraaf, Gordon Sgt MOS 5922 HPIR/CW Tech 1972-75 MCSC Barstow, 1976-77 B Btry 2nd LAAM Bn        
Lustgraaf, Marta                                                      
Mahurin, Bruce Sgt B Btry 2nd LAAM Bn MOS 6753 System Operator            
Mahurin, Guest                                                      
Marquardt, Barry  LCpl C Btry 1st LAAM Bn & B Btry 2nd LAAM Bn 29 Palms, DaNang and Chu Lai 1964-65 MOS 6742.        
Marquardt, Virgie                                                    
McCarthy, Joe Sgt 2nd LAAM Bn B Btry 1971-74             
McCarthy, Mary               
Moldenhauer, David Sgt A Btry 2nd LAAM Bn at 29 Palms S-1 H&S Btry RVN 1965 - 1966    
Moldenhauer, Linee                                 
Mutter, Jim Col 1st LAAM Bn 1968-69 RVN S3, "A" Btry CO, 5th LAAM Bn Yuma 1968 S1
Mutter, Carol Lt Gen USMC
Nelson, James LtCol MOS 7204 5th LAAM Bn 1967-68, 1st LAAM Bn 1969 and 3rd LAAM Bn 1978-80             
Nelson, Sharon                                                        
O'Malley,Thomas  Sgt 2nd LAAM Bn 1966-68, H&S Btry RVN. CW Radar Repair,  C Btry 3rd LAAM Bn  1963-65                           
Penico, Ed Col CO 2nd LAAM Bn Dec 1965- Aug 1966                    
Gottman, Sharon                                                   
Schmaltz, Dennis MSgt MOS 5928 IHawk Missile System Maint Tech 2nd LAAM Bn 1978-82 & 4th LAAM Bn 1982-1993                
Schmaltz, Liesa                
Short, Harry Sgt 2nd LAAM Bn MOS 2532 Microwave Equipment Operator 1964-68 RVN 1965-66
Short, Patricia
Solano, Sam SSgt MOS 7222 Hawk Missile Operator H&S, B Btry 1st LAAM Bn RVN, 4th LAAM Bn San Jose 1960-76
Xiaotong, Jian
Synnott, Jim  Cpl MOS 0141 2nd LAAM Bn 1964-66                                              
Thompson, Don Maj 1st LAAM Bn 1963-65 RVN & 1968-69. 1965-67 MARMTD, 3rd LAAM Bn 67-68, 1968-69, 1973-77 1st LAAM Bn          
Thompson, Amy                                                      
Wall, John Sgt TERRIER  "A" Btry 1st MAAM Bn March 1957 - Nov 1958                     
DeBoar, Joan                                                             
Wilkerson, Albert  MSgt MOS 6741 Aviation Electronics Operator 3rd LAAM Bn at 29 Palms and 2nd LAAM Bn Chu Lai RVN   
All details are on 2017 Reunion Page, in Members Only Section.

Scan down this page to see a tentative attendee list.